Maschari Marketing focuses on helping small local businesses through these tough and ever-changing times. It is hard to keep up with what is new, maintain your own business, and grow.  

Everyone has used the same ole marketing techniques for years, and it's boring and outdated. If you aren't inspired, how do you expect others to be inspired? 

Traditional marketing & advertising can still work, however, if you sprinkle in some new and innovative ideas, you will see that not only are you reinspired, but so will your customers.

Creative Work

About Our Company



Samantha Maschari


Samantha is the owner of Maschari Marketing and involved in every part of the business. Her passion to help small businesses grow is how Maschari Marketing began.


August Maschari

Office Manager

August "Corky" keeps the office running smoothly. 

remi .jpeg

Remi Gregory

Graphic Designer

Remi is the head graphic designer. She also manages the day to day client management.