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Are you in Direct Sales, MLM, or Network Marketing?

If you are, then you have probably encountered these problems:

  • How to brand yourself

  • How to create more sales

  • How to run a your social media account

  • How to create several streams of income

  • How to manage your business and have a life 

  • How to not annoy your friends and family and find new people

  • How to have a party; in home and online successfully

PLUS so many more obstacles and questions. 

This group is designed to help you and your DS/MLM Business grow! Every week we have a LIVE Weekly Web Show that covers all of these topics and more! There are also bonus classes during some weeks that dive in even deeper to help you. 

Have you ever heard an up-line say these things to you?

Just be consistent!

Just do what I do!

Call 20 people a week!

And you are thinking...

What does being consistent mean and what does it look like?

I cannot do what you do because I am not you!

20 people a week! YEAH RIGHT! 

This group will help show you what all of that means and what it looks like for YOU! This group is encouraging and motivating, and FUN! If you are looking for a place that will train you how to run your business from someone who has successfully ran a direct sales business for 10 years, and know ALL of your PAINS! You have come to the right place!

For only $15/month you can have all of this and more! There are no refunds, but you can cancel at anytime!

PLUS typically we have weekly giveaways too! Take a chance! Try it out! See if this is the place for you!

The Membership club is $15/month. What you can expect to receive in the club:

Click the Subscribe Button to sign up!

Boss Mug
  • 2-4 New Units/classes every single month

  • LIVE Weekly web show training with Q & A at the end PLUS watching the recording for later

  • Guest Speakers - Sometimes you need to bring in an expert in a specific field

  • Planner/Planning advice & tutorials to help you stay organized

  • Workbooks to help you through the classes

  • Giveaways & Gifts

  • Help with the basics - this is something missing online. We all need to know the basics, and the why behind the basics, and the breakdown of how to actually do the basics

  • Book Club! - Finding a good book and getting through it can be challenging, together we are going to get through books and use what we learn!

  • Confidence Finder - If confidence is what you seek, we work on finding your inner fancy. This can help you in your business and personal life.

  • THEMES! We will be theming weeks and months to help us learn and retain what we have learned.

  • Graphics

  • And so much more!


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